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本文摘要:01.打工人-职场人的群体共识“生活中有80%的痛苦泉源于打工,但不打工就会有100%的痛苦泉源于没钱。80% of the pain in life comes from part-time work, but if you dont work, 100% of the pain comes from lack of money.02.尾款人-剁手党的群体狂欢尾款人和打工人,险些是同一批年轻人。 打工人的内核是苦中作乐,而尾款人则是买中带泪。


01.打工人-职场人的群体共识“生活中有80%的痛苦泉源于打工,但不打工就会有100%的痛苦泉源于没钱。"80% of the pain in life comes from part-time work, but if you don't work, 100% of the pain comes from lack of money."02.尾款人-剁手党的群体狂欢尾款人和打工人,险些是同一批年轻人。

打工人的内核是苦中作乐,而尾款人则是买中带泪。The payers and the hitters are almost the same group of young people. The core of hitting the workers is to make fun of hardship, while the final money is to buy with tears.03.双节棍-年轻人的只身亚文化今年国庆中秋双节同庆,网上流传着一个段子,过完双节还是王老五骗子就叫“双节棍”。

This year, the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival will be celebrated at the same time. There is a story circulating on the Internet. After the double festival is still a bachelor, it is called "nunchaku".04.后浪-谁能界说今世年轻人一石激起千层浪:有的青年不想被代表,“少部门人的优越并不代表我们”;有的青年不想被界说,“青年人不需要中年人代表他们发声”。One stone stirred up waves: some young people do not want to be represented, "the superiority of a small number of people does not represent us"; some young people do not want to be defined, "young people do not need middle-aged people to speak on their behalf."05.集美-逐渐萌化的昵称文化今年因为某快手主播把“姐妹”读成“集美”,由此成为网络热门称谓。另有网友把集美解读为,“集仙颜与才气于一身的女子”。

This year, because a Kuaishou anchor pronounced "sister" as "Jimei", it became a popular name on the Internet. Some netizens interpreted Jimei as "a woman who combines beauty and talent."06.专业团队-后疫情时代的生死观一段火爆全网的视频中,加纳人肩上抬着棺木拍手跺脚,用狂野的舞蹈送别逝者,被中国网友称为“专业团队”。加纳人在葬礼上,更喜欢用欢笑来取代眼泪,这种生死观,给隐讳谈“死”的国人带来了强烈的精神打击。

In a popular network-wide video, Ghanaians carried a coffin on their shoulders, applauded and stomped, and used wild dances to bid farewell to the dead. They were called "professional teams" by Chinese netizens. Ghanaians prefer to use laughter instead of tears at funerals. This view of life and death has brought a strong spiritual impact on people who are taboo to talk about "death".07.工具人-被异己需求物化的人格工具人的本质是人格被物化,失去了自我被当成工具使用。年轻人自称工具人,是以此来消解自己所面临的无奈,也表达了想挣脱这一尴尬处境的愿望。The essence of the tool man is that his personality is materialized, and he is used as a tool when he loses himself. Young people call themselves tool people, in order to resolve the helplessness they face, and also express their desire to get rid of this embarrassing situation.08.网抑云-当丧文化遇上正能量以热评文化为特色的云音乐,因为泛起大量消极评论,被网友戏称为“网抑云”。“生而为人,我很快活”,越来越多的网友用正能量回怼“丧文化”,把网抑云酿成“网愈云”。

NetEase Cloud Music, which features a culture of hot reviews, has been dubbed "Net Yiyun" by netizens because of a large number of negative reviews. "Born to be a human, I am happy." More and more netizens use positive energy to return to the "mourning culture" and turn the Internet into a "net heals the cloud".09.云监工-现象级直播下的新身份疫情期间,超1亿网友看直播“监工”火神山和雷神山医院的制作,见证着攻坚克难的中国速度。今年天猫双十一开启的快递直播,也吸引了超1亿人次的“云监工”。During the epidemic, more than 100 million netizens watched the live broadcast of the construction of Vulcan Mountain and Leishen Mountain Hospital, which were "supervisors", and witnessed China's speed in overcoming difficulties. The express live broadcast launched on Tmall Double Eleven this year also attracted more than 100 million "cloud supervisors".10.逆行者-宁静年月的英雄楷模当别人在设法逃离疫区的时候,他们逆向而行:不问归期、不惧凶险、不计酬劳……逆行者,不止是抗疫的医护人员,也是救火的消防员、是抗洪的战士、是抗震的志愿者……是英雄们的总称。When others are trying to escape the epidemic area, they do it in reverse: regardless of return date, fear of danger, and no remuneration... Retrogrades are not only anti-epidemic medical personnel, but also firefighters, fighters fighting floods, and Volunteers fighting the earthquake...is the general term for heroes.喜欢通过网络热词来赞美、讥讽和自嘲的年轻人,恰恰是看清了生活的真相,还能主动纾解和释放心田压力的人,是热爱生活也热爱这个世界的人。

Young people who like to praise, tease, and laugh at themselves through hot online words are those who have seen the truth of life and can take the initiative to relieve and release their inner pressure. They are people who love life and love the world.注:中文内容转载自《中国日报网》。



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